December comes whether you want it to or not! Gift yourself!! Art and More.

Well, December is here. It is raining in my part of Canada as I write this update. How bizarre is that? Earlier in the week it was 15 degrees C. And, where is the snow?

Did you know? I have so many cool art ideas to try once the wind howls and the snow blows. I’ll be working ‘loose,’ as artists like to say. I’ll be using acrylics, watercolour, alcohol ink, mixed media and, wait for it, hot wax with oil paint. You can bet the colours will be bright and the textures bold. Infullsizerender the meantime, here is a reminder of some of the things I have done for you, the art lover.

I have desk calendars. Each year I create new designsfullsizerender_5 for the calendar. The 2017 theme was ‘In Flight.’ The majority of paintings are of dragonflies. There is a ladybug and a butterfly. What fun and joy they bring. $15 buys you one calendar. I include the shipping and taxes in that price. Contact me through the link on my website to order.

A client special-ordered Frog Themed 2017 desk calendars and if that is your preference, I can ship directly from from where they are produced. NOTE: Sooner is better! Same price point: $15 ea, includes shipping / taxes.

I do a lot of writing in summer & more visual art in winter. Don’t ask me why! Maybe it has to do with the seasons. In summer, I can sit and compose on my porch. Later I transcribe on my iPad, while by the pond.

??????????I have cotton tote bags. The cotton is high quality and washable. A large ‘Deluxe Classic’ Tote (18×13) is $25 (shipping and taxes incl.) and the smaller ‘Classic Cotton Tote’ (13×13) is $20. Something for the book lover, the gardener, and the stressed-out! Again, the contact me button is the way to message me about purchasing these gifts.




In winter, I spend a lot of time inside, in my studio, with meditative ‘pondering’ and then creativity. I keep an art journal where I jot ‘ideas.’



I do not use fullsizerender_3all of the ideas but I sure have fun capturing them. I also spend time out-of-doors snowshoeing or cross country skiing. During this time, I reflect on the patterns in the landscape, the negative space made by branches, the sun on the snowy surface, and the shapes all around me. You get the idea. The harmonized movement of legs and arms pushes blood to my brain and energizes me.









I still have more gift ideas for you and/or loved one but you’ll have to pop over to Painterly Cindy and More and shop from the Art of Where online store based out of Montreal. There are tons of new and familiar patterns and art. I recently uploaded some new scarf designs and wall art.

Happy Holidays and Best to You and Your Loved Ones in 2017.




Blog Entry on a Rainy Day about Art, Visual Art, and Website Update

Did you know that you can purchase my wall art mounted on wood?

A message from the Painterly Cindy and More Art of Where website, ‘Durable Wood print, printed using UV set inks. All of our wood is sourced from sustainable forests in Canada. Available with a bright white background or with the natural wood grain, with a choice of 1″ or 1.5″ thickness.’

Vase Bouquet

Original fine art

Check out Painterly Cindy and More to discover more about this option. And, while you are at the website, do not hesitate to check out the clothing, scarves, and accessories / pillows available. Want to commission me for an extra-special gift for someone? Contact me to discuss pattern, art, colour, options, design…anything is possible.

Let’s stay in touch about art and news. Did you know that I send out a monthly newsletter? Click here to subscribe / sign up. You will find the subscribe button on the middle, right side of the website.

Okay to share this blog about my website with others? Of course. The more the merrier.

Didn’t get around to ordering a 2017 desk calendar featuring my dragonfly and lady bug art? No worries. Just send me a quick message.

And, while you are at it, go find an umbrella. It’s pouring!

Speaking of water, my salmon image was awarded First Prize at the Bruce County Public Library Reel Fish Contest in 2016. Interested in this style of art? Contact me toPsychedelic-Sam-300x129[1] discuss.


Writing, Workshop, Story, Art Show, Shop Online, Scarves

What’s new? Writing, Workshop, Story, Art Show, Shop Online, Scarves

I have a new fiction story ‘Factitious’ in The Winnipeg Review.

Vase Bouquet

Original fine art

My Art Show ‘Intoxicating: Teeming with Radiance’ is coming up at the Chesley Library May 2. I uploaded new scarves to my online store this week so why not drop by Painterly Cindy and More and shop online. I use a production studio in Montreal to custom-create high quality wearable garments and accessories printed with my artwork.

long scarf






I will be co-leading a writing workshop for the local CFUW (Canadian Federation of University Women) at 7:00 p.m. Monday, April 25 at the Saugeen Airport.

My art work has appeared in galleries and gift shops in Mount Forest, Owen Sound, Paisley, Kenilworth, Durham, Walkerton, Hanover, and Blyth.

Link to Painterly Cindy and More shop for art work

I am very proud to have my art work displayed on clothing (skirts, dresses, kimono robes, scarves, leggings, child leggings, capris), accessories, and pillows. The art is also available a prints. Here is the link to my art shop called ‘Painterly Cindy and More.’

The company I use for my art work production is based in Montreal, Canada. It is important to me to support Canadian companies. I value shopping Canadian and know you do, too. When I send my images to Art of Where for production, I know I can put my trust in the quality of their work and products. The art reproduction looks clean and crisp. Their prices are competitive and their customer service is excellent. The company pays its staff a higher rate of pay as it is dedicated to their team of professionals. That is why I use Art of Where to produce and sell my art work.

Purchasing art is a difficult to justify expenditure for many people. They find paying for food, mortgage or rent, taxes, insurance etc. eats up the bulk of their spending dollars. Yet, if you chat with people, they will admit that having beautiful art on their walls in their homes and even on their clothing, improves quality of life and brings them joy. What I love about my shop is it allows the average person to be able to add gorgeous art work into their lives for a fraction of the cost of buying original art pieces.

Art of Where, Montreal, Canada.


Upcoming show at the Chesley Library

I have an upcoming show at the Chesley Library (May – June, 2016).
Intoxicating: Teeming with Radiance 
Artist’s Statement/Bio:
Cindy Matthews is a published short-story writer and visual artist. Her studio office is in rural Bruce County. She derives creative inspiration from the gorgeous surroundings of Grey and Bruce Counties. She works primarily in watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, and ink. She also likes to capture macro shots of her garden. Her work has appeared in galleries and gift shops in Mount Forest, Owen Sound, Paisley, Kenilworth, Durham, Walkerton, Hanover, and Blyth. She uses a production studio in Montreal to custom-create high quality wearable garments and accessories printed with her artwork. A sample of those garments will be available for purchase in this show. The products are available under the handle ‘Painterly Cindy and More’ at https://artofwhere.com/artists/cindy-i-matthews.

The AH-HA reaction

image1For me… making visual and literary art is about taking risks.

Through those risks, mistakes are made and opportunities to explore and learn are presented.

In my opinion, creating art that is too photorealistic is safe and rather tedious. Technique, texture, form, colour theory, light and dark, and artistic ability still remain evident in my art.

Art that is painterly and ‘imperfect’ is extremely rewarding and in the end intriguing to the artist and viewer. In both writing and visual art, my greatest reward is creating a piece that evokes emotion. The best prize for me as an visual and literary artist is the AH-HA reaction generated by the viewer/reader.


‘Die Ordnung in Intercourse’

Still get a rush when my work gets published. Here is page one of my story Die Ordnung in Intercourse just published by Rhubarb, The Gender Issue, Winter 2015, Number 38. This was the story I read to a Winnipeg audience via Skype during the issue launch on February 11th, 2016.

I wrote this story in 2014. It was influenced, in part, by my work with young children of Mennonite background at Linwood Public School during the 1990’s. I recall one mother who sat across from me during her daughter’s parent-teacher conference. After I reviewed her daughter’s progress and suggested next steps, the mother broke down in front of me. She’d just given birth to twins, making her the mother of eight children. She was barely thirty, if that. I could identify strongly with her exhaustion and rolling emotions because I was a mother of three, too, at that point. I felt overwhelmed balancing my part-time career with the role of motherhood. After sharing some suggestions including a full check-up with her doctor, I offered her my hand. I could not erase her pain but she knew I cared.

Thanks to then fiction editor Bernice Friesen for her input and suggestions to strengthen this story. Bernice is now sitting at Rhubarb Magazine’s Editor’s Desk and the contributors to Rhubarb are the stronger for it.



That’s my story and I am sticking to it

Cindy in Dominican RepublicI recently spent some time in the Dominican Republic. This get-away allowed me time away from my kitchen, my snow-filled driveway, and other mundane responsibilities. It also permitted me to set up a social media free zone. The Internet in the DR is not consistent or reliable so it was easy to say adios to Twitter, Facebook, and Words with Friends.

Why is it important to pluck the social media wire? Doing so allows for uninterrupted time to just be. Sounds hokey, right? There is actual science to back up the notion of unplugging. I consider myself quite connected and yet, when I unplug, I don’t miss social media at all. Sure, I snuck on here and there to see the most recent pic of my grandson but I was basically unresponsive and, well, quiet. I didn’t click LIKE on anyone’s photographs or comment where a comment wasn’t required. And tucked into my little zen bubble, in my new uncluttered reality, I felt and saw my creative juices soar. Within a week of my return home, I hammered out a 1700 word short story draft which I have been polishing this week. And that story is good, really good.

So, next time when I sit down with my accountant, one thing we must prioritize for my budget plan is excused time from my Bruce County studio. Think he’ll buy it? I hope so. I know I need  to unplug somewhere where the Internet is lousy. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.


Greetings and pardon the dust!

under-constructionHey everyone!

Welcome to my website, www.CindyMatthews.ca! As you can see, we’re under construction and we hope to have things up and running as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please have a browse through. Some pages are still undergoing updates and changes, so I thank you for your patience.


— Cindy