Cindy in Dominican RepublicI recently spent some time in the Dominican Republic. This get-away allowed me time away from my kitchen, my snow-filled driveway, and other mundane responsibilities. It also permitted me to set up a social media free zone. The Internet in the DR is not consistent or reliable so it was easy to say adios to Twitter, Facebook, and Words with Friends.

Why is it important to pluck the social media wire? Doing so allows for uninterrupted time to just be. Sounds hokey, right? There is actual science to back up the notion of unplugging. I consider myself quite connected and yet, when I unplug, I don’t miss social media at all. Sure, I snuck on here and there to see the most recent pic of my grandson but I was basically unresponsive and, well, quiet. I didn’t click LIKE on anyone’s photographs or comment where a comment wasn’t required. And tucked into my little zen bubble, in my new uncluttered reality, I felt and saw my creative juices soar. Within a week of my return home, I hammered out a 1700 word short story draft which I have been polishing this week. And that story is good, really good.

So, next time when I sit down with my accountant, one thing we must prioritize for my budget plan is excused time from my Bruce County studio. Think he’ll buy it? I hope so. I know I need  to unplug somewhere where the Internet is lousy. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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