I am very proud to have my art work displayed on clothing (skirts, dresses, kimono robes, scarves, leggings, child leggings, capris), accessories, and pillows. The art is also available a prints. Here is the link to my art shop called ‘Painterly Cindy and More.’

The company I use for my art work production is based in Montreal, Canada. It is important to me to support Canadian companies. I value shopping Canadian and know you do, too. When I send my images to Art of Where for production, I know I can put my trust in the quality of their work and products. The art reproduction looks clean and crisp. Their prices are competitive and their customer service is excellent. The company pays its staff a higher rate of pay as it is dedicated to their team of professionals. That is why I use Art of Where to produce and sell my art work.

Purchasing art is a difficult to justify expenditure for many people. They find paying for food, mortgage or rent, taxes, insurance etc. eats up the bulk of their spending dollars. Yet, if you chat with people, they will admit that having beautiful art on their walls in their homes and even on their clothing, improves quality of life and brings them joy. What I love about my shop is it allows the average person to be able to add gorgeous art work into their lives for a fraction of the cost of buying original art pieces.

Art of Where, Montreal, Canada.

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