Travel can inspire the arts. Yup. I’m sure of it.

How can you see these sights and not be inspired? (Photos by John Matthews, spouse)

If you have read one of the earlier newsletters about China, you know I go silly over Giant Pandas. Wouldn’t you? The pandas resulted in me creating a t-shirt design featuring Mandarin characters, bamboo and giant pandas. I also created a cool design for a kimono.

Scorpion on the stick, anyone. Can’t you see that image going into one of my stories? Or piggy dumplings?!?!


Don’t know if I’ll ever paint a picture of John and me in a rickshaw, but you never know? I certainly have been including more red in my paintings as a result of this trip.


This farmer makes part of his living showing tourists how to pop rice. For sure this image will appear in my writing.


To support my argument on why travel can support creativity and the arts, check out these two short articles for more reasons:


Big Think


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