In my October newsletter, we were discussing how I feel like a late bloomer sometimes, that I arrived at fulfilling my creative mojo at such a late age. And sometimes, just sometimes, that feels a little daunting!

Here is the rest of that article:

Something new for me is digital designing (see above). It is like painting using a mouse. I love these new challenges, even though I AM a bit old to be doing so much learning and experimenting. Or am I?

Intrigued by the concept of being a late-bloomer, I studied others who arrived at making art later in their lives. Take Bill Traylor. He was broke and homeless at the ripe old age of 85! To pass the time, he made art and displayed it on the streets of Montgomery, Alabama. Another artist who wanted to support Bill’s creative expression bought Bill better art tools. Bill Traylor made 1000 + pieces in his life and many are on display to this day. To learn more follow this link: Bill and his art.

This short article (by Marcia Smalley) about awakening your inner artist later in life emphasizes many points but the one that resonated with me is the idea of Beginner’s Mind. Allowing our creativity to take hold means there are no rules. Imagine! Just letting yourself do whatever you want with a few bottles of paint or a box of smelly markers. Sounds fun! What are your experiences? Perhaps write about them via the CONTACT ME page.


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