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You’ve got your watercolour set and a handful of Sharpies, right? While you are at it, find your scissors and some Post-it notes, small ones are perfect, around an inch by an inch.

Alcohol Ink on Yupo. Whimsical landscape by yours truly.

Next ~ Find a large (up to 8×10 inch) picture of a celebrity or someone you know. Photocopy or scan the picture and print out two copies. Tile Post-it notes across the picture. Label the backs of the Post-its with row and column number so you can reassemble later. Cut the picture into pieces along the Post-its. Over the next week or so randomly select a couple of Post-its, and draw that portion of the photocopy onto the Post-it. Don’t even try to cheat by referring to the original picture! Once you’ve done this a few times, reassemble and compare to the original. You could do this with a buddy, or in a group, too. (Credit for this idea goes to Danny Gregory’s ‘Art before Breakfast.’)

Who is stopping you from being creative?

Spend time doodling. Draw squiggles on scrap paper. Start carrying a notebook with you. Doodle while waiting for a beverage at your favourite coffee shop. Copy phrases you hear or read into your notebook. Sketch the words to depict what you think they mean to you. Glue small things that you collect into the notebook: the slip of paper from your fortune cookie, or a movie theatre stub.

How can children’s books help? Check out a couple and you’ll soon see. What’s stopping you?

Head for the children’s section of your local library. Borrow picture books by artists whose illustrations you admire.

Drop into local art shows. Visit the Walkerton Juried Art show. Head over to the Durham Art Gallery and check out their ever-changing shows. The folks at Nature’s Millworks in Paisley host shows throughout the year. Take a drive to the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op. Their members have displays plus the gallery runs guest artist shows. In the summer, check out the Owen Sound Art Banner project in the Owen Sound Harbour and admire the artist banners on display.

Drop me a line via my website to let me know how your creative mojo is coming along.

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