What an exciting time it has been. I recently received a parcel from the publisher of Took You So Long. Inside was an advance, the contract, some marketing tips, a publisher’s gift, and twenty copies of the book. I was SO excited to open the box. There are few times when I’ve been so emotional. Holding my very own debut collection of stories was akin to saying “I do” to John and holding our three children for the first time. Okay, okay, becoming a grandmother was right up there, too.

Now my ‘book baby’ has been released to the world. The serious nail-biting can begin.

This is the scrumptious cover.

Cover Photo of Contemporary Literary Short Story Collection, Took You So Long, by Cindy Matthews of Bruce County, Ontario.
As soon as the UPS driver dropped off the parcel, I ran to the door to greet him and say a quick “Thanks.” Then the unpacking began. You can see in the photo that I cannot contain my excitement.

The book can be acquired through the publisher, through your independent booksellers, online or by contacting me.

Thank you so much for your support.

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