If I were to ask a younger version of myself how she feels about what is happening in my life as I approach my 65th birthday, that youngster would say she doesn’t believe that I wrote a book, never mind launched it, had a book trailer made, did a reading at Victoria Jubilee Hall in Walkerton, and presented the book in the company of nine other authors at the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton. Pinch me!

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  1. Dear Cindy, I have just submitted my non fiction story to the NOWW writing contest and was looking through the previous years winners. Congratulations! Your name came in as the first place winner in that category! So happy for you and now that I went a bit deeper to learn more about your journey, I see that we are about the same age, I also paint and dabble in creative arts-so naturally, I connected with you right away. I just submitted my first novel to be published recently and am very new to all this but very excited too. I would love to read your entry, “Law of Averages, but am having a hard time trying to find it, its not on your “portfolio” page. Please do share as I could use the inspiration!
    Much Love and creative energy being sent your way!

    1. Hi Nabila

      Sorry that it has taken me a while to reply.

      Congrats on submitting to the NOWW contest. I wish you luck! I also submitted so we’ll be competing.

      Please contact me through the CONTACT page on this webpage. That’ll take you to my email. Then I can get a copy of the winning story to you.

      Hope that works for us.


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